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This week at Charlie Mike Construction we are highlighting our new LED fence video from our last custom fence project.  When you see the first video clips, it’s not hard to see that they needed a new fence for sure!  We are very proud of our previous projects and we are going to be very proud of yours when we’re done too!  Here’s a play by play of how this fence came together and is one of the nicest projects in North Texas.

We began removing the existing fence and then setting the 11′ tall posts 6′ apart and 32” deep with Maximizer concrete.  Normal Quikrete is 3400psi, city sidewalks are 4000psi and Maximizer is 5500psi which makes it the best and strongest concrete in the market today.  That’s why Charlie Mike Construction only uses Maximizer on every fence and we offer a 10 year warranty that our new posts will not move or we will replace them for free.

Next we put up the Cedar 2×3 stringers for the fence and mounted them to our posts with lag bolts.  You may have also noticed that the very  bottom of the fence has a 2×6 pressure treated kick board.  The reason why this piece of wood is placed at the bottom of the fence is to protect the cedar pickets from wicking.  Wicking happens when the water touches the bottom of the fence picket and then travels up like a candle wick.  With the fence pickets elevated 3” off of the ground, we usually set the very top stringer at 8’3” so that we don’t have to waste material.

Now that the posts are set and the rails are correctly attached, it’s time to put your pickets on.  Our company usually puts a 2×3 board on the ground to make sure every picket is the same distance off of the ground.  We also put a 2×4 between pickets to insure that each one is properly spaced from the next one so our board on board fence looks great!  It’s important to know that Charlie Mike Construction exclusively offers 1” thick pickets directly from the lumber mill and we now offer 1×8 pickets which will change the marketplace in 2017.

Your next step is cutting out the 6′ gates from the 8′ fence and supporting them with a CMC 3 hinge diamond system.  This particular item (the gate) is the single most important part of the fence and it separates the men from the boys.  Our fence gates look decorative and they’re also built with more than adequate bracing which explains our 2 year workmanship warranty on the fence and gate.

The fence is now completed and ready for the trim packages.  This particular fence calls for the 1×4 cedar boards that are covered by the 1×2 cedar boards at the top.  Then to finish of the fence, we have a 2×8 cedar board which serves as a top cap.  These trim pieces have to be made around the custom corbels that have been cut and lit with a Charlie Mike Construction LED upgrade.

Now the fence is ready to go and the neighbors are completely jealous!  You can have your new fence installed or upgraded too just by calling your local fence contractor Charlie Mike Construction.  Our contact information is 469-677-7663 or you can visit us online at #roofandfence

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