Charlie Mike Construction offers a wide variety of fence solutions when it comes to metal and wrought iron fencing.  We have certified welders on staff that have been welding for years.  In fact, Charlie Mike Construction actually has one welder that teaches welding at the local community college.  If you’re looking to have your metal or wrought iron fence repaired or replaced, make sure you call the top recommended company in Texas.  You can reach Charlie Mike Construction at 469-677-7663 or visit us online at charliemikeconstruction.com.  #roofandfence
At the project that you can see pictures on below, the fence was falling apart and some of the metal pickets had already made their way to the ground.  If that wasn’t enough reason to warrant a repair or replacement, the fence was also in the mature stages or rusting.  Once we received the call from our client, we knew exactly what could be done within their budget and make this fence look new again.
The first thing we had to do is the “hammer test” which means you hit the rusted areas with a hammer and find out how much metal is left.  After the hammer test, we identified the missing pickets and the rails that would have to be replaced and started there.  Next we wire brushed the metal to remove any rust and prepared the fence for painting.  While this was happening, we welded new pickets onto the fence so that our new addition looked exactly like the existing portion.  Finally we reset the gate that didn’t open anymore, and then began our rust resistant painting project.
You can see the pictures for yourself on this job and yes the customer was very happy with our service.  If you’re looking to have any home improvement projects completed in 2017, make sure you’re using a company that knows what they’re doing and doesn’t need to charge an arm and a leg to stay in business.  Give “Charlie Mike Construction” at 469-677-7663 (ROOF) for your free estimate today or visit us online at charliemikeconstruction.com.  #roofandfence
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